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    • 所屬分類:桂林碼垛機
    • 發布日期:2022-06-30
    • 產品概述
    • 性能特點
    • 技術參數


    ● 高位移栽式碼垛機將產線包裝完成的紙箱/袋子/塑料箱/桶等包裝物,按一定排列碼放在托盤上(木/塑料),棧板位自動下降進行自動堆碼可堆碼多層);

    ● 采用觸摸屏操作實現人機對話,可顯示生產速度,故障原因及位置,自動化程度高;

    ● 采用三菱PLC可編程序對紙箱的排序堆垛層數、棧板供應及排出均可編入程序進行控制;

    ● 采用品牌鏈條具有抗磨損好、精度高、傳輸穩定等特點;

    ● 安全門、罩設有電器感應裝置,當罩門打開時,機器停止工作,可對人員進行保護;

    ● 箱供應系統采用剎車馬達控制,保證按預先設定好的位置輸送紙箱;

    ● 棧板庫容量大,可容納8-15個空棧板,可實現自動供應棧板;

    ● 不用更換堆垛零件即可以完成幾種堆垛方式。


    SH-MD01-H High-level means that a pallet is elevated to build multiple layers of product.

    Once the required number of layers has been loaded onto the pallet, it is lowered to the pallet conveyor and advanced to a discharge area. A new pallet is then transported to the loading position.

    High-level palletizers also allow products to be formed into layers at much higher speeds than low-level palletizers.

    Easy to program the number of layers and format the number of products.

    It adopted the chain which is abrasion resistance and stability from CMC of Japan

    Pallet magazine is capable of 8-15 pallets.

    Heavy-duty construction and standard components add durability and dependability.

    The touchscreen makes the operation safer and easier.

    Full safety interlocked guarding. Insufficient coming will be stopped.



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