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    SH-GB03-2 Servo Form-Fill-Seal Case Packer

    SH-GB03-2 Servo Form-Fill-Seal Case Packer

    • Release date:2018-12-27
    • Description
    • Performance characteristics
    • Technical parameter

    • SH-GB03-2 case Packer is an end of line complete solution for fully automatic product feeding, carton erecting, product manipulation and configuration, product placing and carton sealing.

    • This is ideal for any common container, carton type in the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals industries and is flexible enough to handle a variety of product shapes and case configurations.

    • Run different sizes, shapes and configurations on the same machine.

    • Quick changeover time and easy, cost effective maintenance.

    • Smart PLC control and security systems.

    Technical Parameters

    Product number


    Packing speed

    5-12 cases/minute 

    Carton size

    L150-600 x W150-450 x H100-450mm (customizable)

    Table height



    380V 8KW 50/60HZ

    Air Consumption


    Sealing type

    Tape / Hot melt adhesive


    L3500*W1900*2100mm(Incl infeed conveyor)

    Machine weight


    *Specification subject to change without notice



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