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    SH-MD03-4 robot palletizer

    SH-MD03-4 robot palletizer

    • Release date:2019-01-11
    • Description
    • Performance characteristics
    • Technical parameter

    product manual:

    ● Four-axis robot automatic palletizer has a wide application range, small footprint, reliable performance and easy operation;

    ● Fully automatic palletizing of various products that can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, salt, food and other industries;

    ● Although compact, it can be integrated into a compact packaging machine, but it can meet all your requirements for distance and payload;

    ● With motion control and tracking performance, the robot is very suitable for flexible packaging systems, which greatly shortens the packaging cycle time;

    ● With high precision and excellent conveyor tracking performance, the pick-and-place accuracy is first-class, whether it is fixed position operation or motion operation;

    ● Small size and fast speed, optimized for packaging applications;

    ● Equipped with a full set of auxiliary equipment (from integrated air and signal system to the gripper), which can be used with packaging software;

    ● Mechanical integration is simple, programming is very convenient;

    Technical Parameters

    Product number


    Packing speed

    5-20 Times/minutec



    Rated working range


    Repeatability X,Y,Z


    Repeat angle


    Protection level


    Noise level







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