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    How to avoid the safety problem of robot palletizer


    The automation level of the robot palletizer has been improved a lot, but its safety problem can not be underestimated, otherwise it may cause an accident. In order to ensure that the robot palletizer can complete the palletizing operation safely, efficiently and stably, on the one hand, it must be protected and on the other hand, the equipment must be operated correctly.

    In the operation of the robot palletizer, there is no reasonable protection for the material export, but it is not enough to pass a warning sign or a workflow that requires isolation. Safety management should be the last consideration in risk reduction. step.

    When there is a maintenance personnel at the bottom of the robot palletizer, if the mechanical locking device is not installed in the equipment, it will easily cause crush damage caused by the falling of the stacking device. Therefore, each guard is for the robot palletizer. It is essential.

    For those who open the interlock switch into the danger zone, due to the failure of the pallet lifting part, such as the breakage of the chain, if there is no mechanical locking device or check valve in the palletizing part, there is a danger of the palletizing platform falling.

    In order to avoid such accidents, in addition to the required safety protection devices, it is strictly forbidden to open the interlock switch of the robot palletizer and enter the dangerous area at random. Every operation of the equipment must be strictly in accordance with the specifications, so that In order to eliminate security risks. Contact Shuhe Machinery.


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