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    The basis and key of normal and stable work of palletizer


    The ability of the palletizer is easy to verify. As long as the weighted packaged materials are placed on the pallet in a certain arrangement, as long as the pallets are neat and not dropped, the palletizing is not acceptable. Of course, in order to do this, the palletizer must meet the basic conditions of its work, that is, the power source and the air source.

    After turning on the power of the palletizer, it is necessary to connect the supplied compressed air into the air passage of the equipment, and discharge the condensed water in the air filter in time to check and remove the dirt on the filter; check and adjust the pressure gauge The indicated air pressure and the amount of oil dripping from the oil mister and the amount of oil in the oil cup.

    In the case that there is no problem in all aspects, the palletizing operation of the palletizing machine can be started. In the process, it will undergo three steps of shaping, supplying, and capturing, and any problem occurs in any one of the links. The machine is faulty, so it needs to be analyzed and solved in an orderly manner.

    In addition to some basic components, the palletizer is also interspersed with a large number of industrial sensors. Together with other devices, they play an important role in the task of the palletizing system, and only one of the sensors works abnormally. An abnormality that may cause the palletizer system to work.

    In addition, the palletizer works normally or not, and the mechanical equipment is the basis. That is to say, without the normal operation of the mechanical equipment, the palletizing machine may have problems such as catching the package disorder, no disk available, and not being able to move after the vehicle is seized. The electrical is the key and the core, and the codeless machine without electricity and compressed air can not operate normally.

    It can be seen that the usual maintenance points of the palletizer are mechanical equipment as well as electricity and compressed air. They are directly related to whether the equipment can work in an orderly manner, work reliably and safely. Contact Shuhe Machinery.


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