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    Palletizer PK manual.


    As the crown jewel of smart equipment, robots have become a new economic growth point in the 21st century, and robotics has become the commanding height for major enterprises to compete for economic technology. As an important branch of industrial robots, the palletizing robot seems to have a bright future. But can it really win the market, and what kind of way is the user more in line with its own interests? Which way is the user more compliant? Let's take a look at the only value that can be introduced to you.

    Palletizer vs manual, which is less expensive?

    At present, the actual palletizing speed of the fastest palletizer is 1200-1300 times/hour. When the object is grabbed from the conveyor line and placed in the tray, the palletizing task can be completed in less than 3 seconds, while the ordinary worker The palletizing speed is 300-400 bags in one hour, which is 2-3 times different from the working efficiency of the palletizer. If the factory operates 24 hours a day, a palletizer can reach up to 12 workers. Then there is the salary, the wage level of the workers is calculated at 3,500 yuan per month (the wage level in the central region), and the annual salary of a worker is about 45,000 yuan. Of course, some people will say that the price of the palletizer itself is much more expensive, as well as future maintenance costs and so on. Indeed, the palletizer itself has a certain price, but for a relatively large processing plant, the price of a palletizer is still much less than the labor cost, and the service life of the palletizer is about 20 years, and the maintenance cost is also Not a lot. So in summary, the use of palletizers can indeed save money for the enterprise. The larger the scale of the enterprise, the more obvious the benefits of this savings.

    Palletizing machine vs manual, which kind of palletizing effect is better?

    The quality of the palletizing effect can be seen in terms of both the degree of neatness and the height. Due to the urgency of time and the error in the accuracy of the artificial palletizing, there is still a certain gap between the neatness of the palletizing and the robot. At present, the accuracy of the palletizing robot has been generally controlled at about 1 mm, and the palletizing precision of the automatic palletizing machine has reached 0.1 mm. Under such a high-precision palletizing, the shape of the cymbal is also very neat. And why do you have to look at the pallet height? This is closely related to saving warehouse space, and the higher the palletizing, the more storage capacity can be saved. Due to the limited height of the artificial pallets, the pallets are not neatly tidy, and it is prone to collapse at a certain height, so the height of the artificial pallets is less than 2 meters. The palletizer can easily reach a pallet height of 2.5m by stretching the arm length.

    Palletizing machine vs manual, which is better managed?

    Employee management is generally an important part and a tricky part of business management. In addition to employee recruitment and salary distribution, companies should also consider the “five insurance and one gold” issues of employees, holiday welfare issues, work injury identification compensation issues, and so on. Faced with rounds of "labor shortage", enterprises can't recruit people and they have to be passive. If the employee is replaced by a robot, how should the company manage it? A robot, as its name suggests, is a machine that can work automatically like a human. Eliminating the problems of manual recruitment, salary payment, welfare insurance, etc., robot management only requires technicians to operate and overhaul, and reduce the difficulty of management in reducing the cost of corporate personnel.

    With the development of automation in China and the improvement of labor costs, the use of palletizing robots will become more and more extensive. The use of palletizing robots can reduce staff and increase efficiency, which can save a considerable human resource cost, and will also help the production and operation management level of enterprises to reach the international advanced level. So, instead of labor with a palletizer, do you think the value is not worth it?


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