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    Winding machine maintenance knowledge


    The friends who use the winding machine pay attention to the maintenance of the winding machine in the usual use, in order to extend the life of the machine and improve work efficiency. Below is a list of the points to be aware of when using the winding machine. You can learn from it.

    The chain is kept lubricated between the inner and outer chains. When the HJ20-HJ40 is mechanically pumped, the diaphragm frame can be removed by tensioning the chain when it moves up and down.

    2. When the turntable becomes slow or slips, open the turntable motor cover, loosen the four connecting bolts on the reduction mounting plate, and then adjust the two tension bolts evenly clockwise to achieve the required tension and tighten the four connections. bolt. The machine should be adjusted for tension after 10 to 15 days of continuous use.

    3. The lifting, chassis and diaphragm drive are geared by the worm gear governor. Please use the following requirements during use.

    1) using a slick-lubricated reducer, the immersion depth of the worm is below the worm wheel or the side of the worm is the full tooth height; above is 1/3 of the outer diameter of the worm;

    2) The oil mirror is 1/2 of the oil mirror. The center distance a = 63mm is recommended to add 400ml;

    3) Pushing and using synthetic worm oil 200# [motion viscosity at 40 ° C is 320);

    4) New oil must be replaced after 7-14 days of operation, and replaced once every 1 year;

    5) The ambient temperature should be a low freezing point lubricant at -40 to 40 °C below 0 °C.

    6) The gear reducer is greased and greased. It is not necessary to replace the grease during use or replace it according to the actual situation.

    4. The goods shall not exceed the height of the negotiation package or it will affect the packaging effect.

    5. When placing the package of goods, it should be handled as smoothly as possible to avoid deforming the chassis or shortening the life of the machine.

    6. The goods should be placed in the range of the turntable. If the goods are too large, they will be within 100mm or according to the actual space of the machine, otherwise the machine may be damaged.

    7. The electrical cabinet should be closed, and the electrical components and electrical connections should be cleaned regularly to ensure normal use.


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