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    The benefits of the sealing machine


    How good is the sealing machine?

    The sealing machine is mainly suitable for the sealing and packaging of the carton. It can be used in stand-alone operation or in conjunction with the assembly line. It can be used in single-box operation, or can be used to form box-opening machines, cartoning machines, labeling machines, strapping machines, Pallet stacking machines, conveyors and other equipment are used in the packaging line, which is the equipment needed for the packaging line operation.

    The sealing machine is light and durable, easy to operate; the side belt drive is suitable for narrower cartons; the upper and lower belt drives are suitable for higher cartons; the sealing machine saves labor and reduces unpacking. The connection can be used with a folding cover sealing machine, and the single unit can be used with a semi-automatic sealing machine.


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