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    How the cartoner works


    Automatic cartoning machine, it works like this

    In recent years, due to the rise of industrial technology, automation equipment has become a hot topic, such as automated production lines, automated filling, automated labeling and so on.

    So how does the automatic cartoner work?

    [Absorption type packing machine (three boxes at a time)]

    This is a boxing device for the automatic cartoner series called the suction cartoner.

    It is suitable for automatic packing of bag, box and cylindrical articles. Widely used in the packaging of light industry such as medicine, food, and daily chemicals.

    Let's take a look at its workflow.

    【work process】

    The working principle of the suction type packing machine:

    The principle of electromagnetic chuck is adopted, the product is put into a designated position by adsorption, the parameters are set to make working time, and the automatic packing is completed. It can also be used together with a production line such as a sealing machine to achieve packaging technology that integrates packing and sealing.

    Suction boxer inspection:

    First set the product parameters because the number of different product boxes is different. Working hours are also different.

    After ensuring that the console and the suction tray are free of debris, check the outlet of the goods for looseness or jamming.

    After checking these points, you can start working.

    Suction type packing machine work:

    Put the required packing products at the front of the conveyor ------The chain loop of the production line automatically delivers the product to the workbench ------The automatic suction cup will pass the packing products through different conveying ports according to the setting parameters. Put it in the box. Finally, the packing is completed.


    The device can perform 7*24 stable output, and the suction cup has strong adsorption strength, and is stably placed in the boxing to reduce friction and damage of the product.

    Weida has been engaged in the research and development of automatic cartoning machines for decades. It has a professional technical team and has been adhering to the principle of product quality in the industry. It provides a high-quality service for everyone and is a reliable equipment manufacturer.


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