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    The benefits of palletizing machines for enterprises


    Robot work is one-man can't be done, at least two or four people need to do it at the same time. This kind of thing is time consuming, laborious and very damaging. Sometimes there will be unloaded goods falling down and others, natural. Into the damage, so it is better to deal with such damages to the robot. The robotic palletizer is efficient and fast. At the same time, he can keep the code stable and good. The robot can do things with confidence. There have also been machines to be palletized, but because of some shortcomings of the machine, they have been eliminated quickly. This has led to the emergence of full-active palletizers. It can also be said that the factory is taking one-on-one for the factory. New hope.

    The traditional machine palletizing is actually not satisfactory, because the palletizing robot has its own unique characteristics, so it is welcomed by the enterprise. From the efficiency point of view, the fertilizer full-active palletizing machine can replace 3-4 personal workers, and things are not stopped for 8 hours. Each year, the company can save more than 100,000 manpower. In terms of energy consumption, the power of the traditional palletizing machine is basically around 26kw, while the power of the full-active palletizing machine is only about 5kw, which reduces the operating cost for the enterprise.

    If one day the factory that used the palletizing robot is brilliant, then there must be credit for the full-active palletizer. In the future development, the full-active palletizer will definitely have more and more factories to start applying. The form will be a big one.


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