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    Palletizing robot problem solving


    The palletizer is a carton that has been loaded into a container, placed on a pallet, a pallet (wood, plastic) according to a certain arrangement code, and automatically stacked, can be stacked in multiple layers, and then pushed out, so that the forklift can be transported to the warehouse for storage. The robotic frame machine can greatly reduce labor and reduce labor intensity. The palletizing machine is a device that automatically transports the material bags, cartons or other packaging materials conveyed by the conveyor into the crucible according to the working mode of the customer's process, and conveys the material into the crucible.

    For random pallets, the choice of palletizing robots. Despite this, robot loading is facing more problems, and it will be more difficult if you want to produce at a higher speed. A robotic palletizer that handles random loading requires special software, and the robotic palletizer is connected to the rest of the production line via software, which is a huge improvement.

    A robot used to build random pallets can be integrated into the warehouse management system (WMS) of the plant. Ideally, it will be the front end of the WMS, working with the warehouse software to produce mixed pallets.

    Sophisticated software is also able to meet the demand for ready-to-go pallets. In general, this means that after the product is coded, the label of some or all of the packaging containers must be facing outwards. Robotic palletizing equipment is another option for demanding applications: palletizing in the freezer warehouse. Packing machine In the field of consumer goods packaging, processing a box in a frozen warehouse is one of the difficult jobs. Workers have to work alternately to keep the body warm, which indirectly reduces work efficiency and increases labor costs.

    In a frozen environment, automated random access palletizers are not the right choice, as most automated random access code routers use compressed air tubes that freeze in cold storage. Compared to automated palletizers, palletizing robots are more compact, which is especially important because the space in the refrigerated warehouse is very valuable.


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