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    Structure and working principle of palletizer


    Code frame machine manufacturers introduce the structural characteristics of the palletizer

    The components of the low-medium-sized palletizer include a flattening conveyor, a slow-stop conveyor, an indexing conveyor, a pallet bin, a pallet conveyor, a marshalling machine, a push bag device, a palletizing device, a pallet conveyor, etc., The structure design is reasonable, the action is stable and reliable, and in the case of its normal operation, no manual intervention is required, and the scope of application is very wide.

    For example, modern cement companies basically have complete sets of equipment for automatic loading and unloading of palletized cement. The equipment can not only replace the palletizing operation in the car, but also make the existing cement loading unattended operation, transform the workers' work in the harsh environment into automatic machine operation, and avoid occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis. The occurrence of the company has played a key role in improving working conditions, reducing personal physical labor, and reducing staff and efficiency.

    How the palletizer works

    The workpiece on the slab conforms to the stack of workpieces required by the pallet, and the slab and the workpiece move forward until the vertical plane of the pallet. The upper bar is lowered, and the other three positioning bar starts to clamp, and the plate is reset. Each workpiece is lowered to the plane of the pallet, and the plane of the pallet is 10 mm away from the bottom surface of the panel, and the pallet is lowered by one workpiece height. Reciprocate the above until the pallet stacking code meets the set requirements.


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