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    Five advantages of the cartoning machine


    1. The structure is reasonable and reliable. The machine is simple in structure by mechanical, pneumatic and electronic control. Pneumatic gripper pick-and-place bottles accurately and reliably put bottles into the box through reliable mechanical movement, sensitive pneumatics and advanced electronic control technology.

    2. The movement is stable. The main drive of the cartoner manufacturer is driven by a two-speed motor with brake. The start, increase, deceleration and braking of the main drive are controlled by the microcomputer. The unique four-bar linkage mechanism makes the bottle smooth during the entire speed-up, movement and landing process.

    3. High production efficiency. The machine is slow and steady at start and stop, and the fast return in the middle of the flight is also fast and fast to shorten the non-working time.

    4. Easy to operate. The machine works fully automatically and can automatically adjust the production speed to run synchronously with the neat production line.

    5. Safe and reliable. In addition to the protective cover and the net, the machine is also equipped with photoelectric safety protection devices. The operator automatically stops immediately when he enters the danger zone. The machine is low in noise and uses oil-free lubricated pneumatic components to avoid oil contamination symbol hygiene standards.


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    Add :No. 3, Guangda Road, Industrial Park, Zhitang Town, Changshu City