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    What are the characteristics of the palletizer?


    1. The palletizers of the frame machine manufacturers are generally operated in an open environment. It has an independent linkage mechanism, and it uses a straight conveying path, so it is very stable, and the transmission efficiency is also very high. high.

    2, it presents a straight line, and only uses one motor, so the effect of palletizing is very good. Moreover, the scope of operation is very large and the safety performance is good.

    3, the palletizer has many different specifications of products, from low to high speed varieties, so the range of choice is also very extensive.

    4. Most parts of the palletizing robot are at the bottom, the arm is quite flexible, and the power consumption is slow, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. And even in high-speed environments, reliability is very high.

    5. The operation of the palletizer is very easy. It only needs to set the position of the pickup and the position of the tray, then design the running track and place the operating robot. The adjustment of the position of the pallet is also very simple, and it can be operated directly on the touch screen. If you want to change another product, you only need to enter the specifications of the new product in the system, you can operate it, very convenient.

    6. Because the palletizer adopts linear guide rails and conveyors, it is also a standard type of belt type. If there is damage, it is convenient to purchase and replace.


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