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    The machine age is approaching


    You may imagine or expect this robotic industrial revolution to open as before: even if some jobs are screened, more jobs will be invented to meet the new and new features of the new era. In "Robot Age", Silicon Valley entrepreneur Martin Ford thought that your idea was completely wrong, because the situation is not the case.

    With the continuous acceleration of skills and the development of machine automation, the demand for industry will be reduced. Artificial intelligence has been striding forward, and so-called "good jobs" will expire: many paralegals, journalists, office workers, and even computer programmers will be replaced by robots and smart software. With the further development of skills, blue-collar and white-collar jobs will be transpiration, and the robotic frame machine will further squeeze the working-class families and middle-class families. Together, people's families have to pay more attention to the impact of rising costs of the day, especially the increase in education costs and health care costs. So far, these two areas have not been transformed by information technology. The result of all this is likely to be a wide range of leisure and economic inequality, as well as the collapse of the economy itself.

     In "Robot Age," Ford specifically explains what machine intelligence and robots can accomplish, and urges employers, academics, and policy makers to face the problems. The solution to the problem of skill harassment, especially the strengthening of training and education, will not work. We must decide now. In the future, we will see that the overall economic prosperity is still catastrophic economic inequality and instability. For those who want to know what skills to accelerate and what they mean for themselves and their future generations and society as a whole, Robot Age is a must-read book.

    Of course, skills are not a specific element of the future. However, it may be combined with other primary social and environmental challenges, such as population ageing, climate change and resource drying. People generally speculate that following the baby boomer's exit from the labor market, the lack of workers will eventually intensify, which will effectively balance and even overshadow any impact from automation. The occurrence of rapid innovation is generally a kind of counter-force, intended to minimize or even reverse the pressure on the environment. However, as we have seen, many of the assumptions are based on the roots of uncertainty, and the situation must be much more messy. In fact, the real scary thing is that if we don't confess or adapt to the impact of skill advancement, we will probably face a “perfect storm”: the increase in inequality, skill unemployment and climate change. Affects parallel presentation and expands and strengthens each other in some respects.


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