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    Automated supply in production, several routes for the development of machinery manufacturing


    Industry 4.0 (CPS) refers to the automation supply, machinery manufacturing, sales information in production, and intelligentization, and finally achieves fast, effective and personalized product supply.

    Let’s follow the robotic case packer to learn about several routes for social development.

    (1) The industrial revolution is an important stage in the history of capitalism development. It has realized an important change from a traditional agricultural society to a modern industrial society. This change is one of the most brilliant processes of mankind.

    (2) In terms of production technology, it replaces manual labor with machine equipment; factory automation replaces manual workshops, greatly improving efficiency and reducing labor costs.

    (3) The industrial revolution has created tremendous productivity, which has brought about earth-shaking changes in the society. The industrial revolution is also a profound change in social relations.

    (4) The urbanization process began.

    (5) Slowly and weakly embarked on the industrialization process.

    Human beings from nothing, from more to more, from more to fine, all of this is carried out slowly and orderly. The industrial age has arrived, automation replaces labor, and solving artificial problems is the inevitability of social development.


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