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    Conveyor line maintenance


    There are many reasons for the slippage of the conveyor belt during the production operation. The following conveyor manufacturers talk about the methods that are often seen and handled in the operation:

    The first is that the conveyor belt of the food conveying line is overloaded and exceeds the capacity of the motor to load, so it will slip. At this point, the transport of the transported material should be reduced or the load bearing capacity of the conveyor itself should be increased.

    The second is that the food conveyor line starts too fast and causes slippage. At this point, you should slow down or jog again and then restart, you can also overcome the phenomenon of slip.

    The third is that the initial tension is too small. The reason is that the tension of the conveyor belt when leaving the drum is insufficient, causing the conveyor belt to slip. The method of treatment at this time is to adjust the tensioning device to increase the initial tension.

    The fourth is that the bearing of the drum is damaged without turning. The cause may be too much dust accumulation or failure to timely repair and replace parts that have been severely worn and inflexible, causing increased resistance and slippage.

    The fifth is the slip phenomenon caused by insufficient friction between the roller and the conveyor belt driven by the conveyor. The reason is mostly that there is moisture on the conveyor belt or the working environment is humid. At this point, a little rosin should be added to the drum.


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