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    Conveyor line deviation processing method


    During the use, if there is a deviation of the belt conveyor line, the following checks should be made to determine the cause and make adjustments. The parts and treatment methods for the conveyor belt manufacturers to carry out the deviation from time to time are:

    (1) Check the misalignment of the transverse centerline of the idler and the longitudinal centerline of the belt conveyor. If the non-coincidence value exceeds 3 mm, it should be adjusted with the long mounting holes on both sides of the roller set. The specific method is which side of the conveyor belt is biased, which side of the roller set moves forward in the direction in which the conveyor belt advances, or the other side moves backward.

    (2) Check the deviation values of the two planes of the head and tail frame mounting housing. If the deviation between the two planes is greater than 1 mm, the two planes should be adjusted in the same plane. The adjustment method of the head roller is: if the conveyor belt runs away from the right side of the drum, the bearing seat on the right side of the drum should move forward or the left bearing seat moves backward; if the conveyor belt runs away from the left side of the drum, then The bearing housing on the left side of the drum should move forward or the right bearing housing moves back. The tail roller is adjusted in the opposite way to the head roller.

    (3) Check the position of the material on the conveyor belt. The material is not centered on the cross section of the conveyor belt and will cause the conveyor belt to run off.

    If the material is on the right side, the belt runs to the left and vice versa. The material should be centered as much as possible when in use. To reduce or avoid such conveyor belt deviation, the baffle can be added to change the direction and position of the material.


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