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    Conveyor line introduction


    The conveyor line is mainly to complete the task of conveying its materials. In the space surrounding the warehouse, production workshop and packaging workshop, a conveyor chain consisting of many belt conveyors, roller conveyors, etc. is arranged, and a continuous conveying line is formed through the end-to-end connection. A path fork device, an elevator, and a ground conveyor line are provided at the entrance and exit of the material. In this way, in the warehouse, production workshop and packaging workshop, a circulating conveyor line system can be formed which can smoothly reach each production position and is closed. All materials used in the production process, such as materials, parts, parts and finished products, must be placed in a bar coded pallet box to enter the conveyor line system. Under the production instructions issued by the production management system, the pallet box containing the material enters the conveyor line system from the designated entrance.

    The automatic control system of the logistics conveyor line mainly uses PLC control technology to make the system automatically and flexibly put the production materials in the pallet box according to the production instruction, through the automatic identification function of the system and the conveyor line system, with the best path and most Fast speed, accurately transported from one location of the production site to another, completes the spatio-temporal transfer of production materials, ensuring that the production of various products is coordinated as needed and rapidly changing as needed. Ensure efficient operation of plant equipment and production. In this process, the optimal path control becomes the technical key of the automatic logistics control system, while the other parts of the system work accordingly on the path control.

    At each entrance of the conveyor line, the operator loads the materials into different pallet boxes according to the production schedule, and then inputs the barcodes of these pallet boxes into the production management system through a hand-held barcode laser scanner. The production management system immediately generates a production instruction for the pallet box according to the production scheduling plan, and puts it into the production instruction form for the logistics automatic control system to find. Each production instruction consists of three parts: the bar code on the pallet, the entrance and exit positions of the pallet on the conveyor line.


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