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    Conveyor line flat top chain board introduction


    The flat top chain is a kind of transmission equipment. The conveying surface of the flat top chain conveyor is flat and smooth, the friction is small, the material transitions smoothly between the conveying lines, and it can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials. It can transport all kinds of bags.

    The structure and working principle of the flat top chain (1) Straight flat top chain a, the structure of the flat top chain of the chain structure is very simple, the belt conveyor line consists only of a chain plate with hinges on both sides and a pin shaft, as shown in the figure 3 is shown. One side of the two side hinges is fixedly connected with the pin shaft (tight fit), which is called a movable hinge;

    The other side is sleeved (gap fit) with another chain plate and pin, called a fixed hinge. The movable hinge and pin form the hinge of the flat top chain.

    The flat top chain is divided according to the material: plastic flat top chain and metal flat top chain; according to the use environment or shape, there are: straight flat top chain, side curved flat top chain.

    The stainless steel flat top chain is one of the most commonly used flat top chains:

    1. Features: Semi-automatic frame machine is widely used in the transportation of glass products industry, food processing industry, frozen food, etc. Its advantages are high load bearing, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, convenient installation, stable operation and long service life. The disadvantage is that the cost is higher.

    2. Use installation troubleshooting: If the chain plate is deviated, adjust the tensioning shaft at one end of the driven shaft, and adjust it slowly. Remember to adjust quickly to cause surface scratching. If the chain plate is shaken, check the conveyor. And whether the roller in the conveying tunnel has rust and refuses to turn,

    Adjust one by one; if there is a jump chain and the operation is unstable, check whether the sprocket at both ends of the drive shaft is synchronized.


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