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    How to use the belt conveyor correctly


     In the case of a belt conveyor, the mechanical frictional continuity of one of the important conveying materials in the various conveyors now works together to complete its operation.

    From the beginning to the end is the realization of the mechanical workflow. It is capable of transporting bulk materials while also transporting a wide range of finished products. Of course, pure material handling is only one of them. The other is to complete one of the different systems in the industry, so as to achieve complete assembly line operations.

    The retractable tape conveyor works in the same way as the ordinary tape conveyor. It uses tape as the continuous transportation device of the traction carrier, but adds the storage device and the retractable tape device. When the moving car moves to the end of the tail. The tape enters the storage device and the tail retracts; otherwise, the tail extends, thus making the conveyor have retractable performance.

    The reason is that the conveyor line manufacturer has a small tension or the surface of the drive roller is stuck with material or moisture. The screw should be tightened tightly to increase the tension. Clean the drive roller and increase the cleaning force of the empty cleaner. The reason why the conveyor belt runs off at both ends is that the drum assembly position is skewed, and the screw of the tensioning device on the side of the deviation should be tightened to adjust the position of the drum to the drum. Adjust the position of the drive roller by adjusting the bearing housing. The reason for the deviation of the conveyor belt in the middle is that the roller is not installed correctly. Check that the mounting position of each roller is perpendicular to the conveyor belt, otherwise loosen the mounting bolts to adjust the roller position. Tighten the bolts after adjustment. In addition, the feed point drop point is not in the center of the conveyor belt and may cause deviation, and the feed should be improved.


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