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    Causes and treatment of conveyor belt wear


    The belt conveyor line is excessively worn, including cracks, drill holes, cracks and tears. How to solve this situation, first of all, to find out the cause of the malfunction, and to prescribe the right medicine. The material has a large effect on the belt or fastener. The solution is as follows: the correct design of the chute and baffle.

    Make vulcanized joints, install anti-impact rolls, and if possible, pre-pack the material. If the material is placed under the side shield, adjust the clearance to a minimum. The relative loading rate is too high or too low. Solution: Adjust or adjust the speed of the belt. It is also conceivable to use anti-impact rollers.

    Error loading, overflow. Feeding is done according to the direction of the belt and the speed of the belt. The material should be located in the center of the belt and control the flow of material through the feeder, chute and side panels. The accumulation of materials, this reason is more common, the solution is also very simple, clear accumulation of materials. Install cleaning devices, scrapers and inverted V-shaped covers, and strengthen the environment.

    Damage to wear, acid, chemicals, heat, mold, and oil. Solution: Dedicated to specific conditions and belts, entering the incision, placed between two pieces of abrasive material, using a cold patch or using a permanent repair patch for on-site repair. Seal metal fasteners or use sulfide to enter the connector. Seal the belt conveyor to prevent damage due to rain, snow and sunshine.


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