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    Active packing machine structure and working principle


    The active cartoner is part of the active cartoning line. Its primary function is to carry out active sealing of the products packed in the box and complete the final process of product packaging. The primary components are: heightening the organization, compacting the organization, infusion box organization, widening the organization, rack, hot melt adhesive system, etc.

    The working principle of the active packing machine: After the product is packed, it is sent to the sealing machine through the conveyor chain (belt, roller) and delivered to the conveying box organization. The two side faces of the carton are clamped by the clamping box belt and move forward. The short tongue of the robot packing machine is actively twisted and bent by the pressure-pressing tongue frame. When the short tongue is in the carton and enters the sealing machine idler, a detection signal (photoelectric signal) tells the tongue-splitting cylinder to be bent, and the tongue is bent. There is a signal telling the melter to actively spray glue. The carton continues to move forward. The left and right long tongues are bent toward the center, and the belt is pressed to organize the belt. The left and right long tongues of the carton are simultaneously pressed to make the box, tongue and glue together, and the sealing and shaping measures are completed. The final process of packaging - active sealing.


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