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    Choose the cartoner method


    The robotic cartoning machine is a kind of equipment for semi-automatic or automatic loading of unpackaged products or small-package products into transport packaging. The working principle is to load the products into the box according to a certain arrangement and quantity (corrugated box, plastic). Box, tray), and close or seal the opening of the box.

    The choice of cartoner can generally be considered from the following aspects:

    1. Mechanical structure: The collection, sorting and bundling arrangement of products are the key to the cartoning machine. Therefore, users should pay attention to whether the mechanical structure of the cartoning machine can meet the production needs of users before purchasing. In addition, according to the different packing methods of the products, there are generally four types of packing methods: grasping, clamping, sucking and pushing. Users should choose a good packing method according to their needs before purchasing.

    2. Automatic control: The control system is the guarantee for the normal operation of all functions, and it is also the automatic protection for faults and accidents, so the user should know in detail how the control system is set when selecting.

    3. Production speed: Can you meet the production requirements?

    4. Internal configuration: Good configuration can guarantee a good product, so users should pay attention to whether the internal configuration is better quality accessories when purchasing the packing machine.

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