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    Company Overview

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    National Service Hotline:


    Changshu Shuhe Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Mob: 13818314657

    Web: www.ciff-forum.com

    Add: No. 3, Guangda Road, Industrial Park, Zhitang Town, Changshu City

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    Founded in 2005, Changshu Shuhe Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese packaging enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacture and marketing. The company has excellent equipment, strong technical strength, strict internal management and high production efficiency. The company has passed ISO9001. : 2000 quality management system certification, products passed the EU CE certification.

    The company produces a wide variety of packaging machinery, complete specifications, and can undertake a variety of special specifications of product design and production, the main product lines are: automatic cartoning machine series, automatic palletizing machine series, hoist series, various conveyors The series, the stacker series and the automatic unmanned packaging production line integrating the processes of unpacking, packing, sealing, bundling, palletizing and winding packaging.

    The company has won the trust and praise of users with excellent product quality, reasonable price, beautiful shape and perfect service. The products are exported to Europe, America, East Asia, Middle East and other countries and regions, and have formed perfect sales in China. And service network.

    Shuhe Machinery attaches great importance to talents, attaches importance to scientific and technological strength, values social affairs, and is committed to making Shuhe a diversified enterprise based on solidarity, mutual trust, respect for individuals, and production and marketing.

    Changshu Shuhe Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Tel:(+86) 131-6217-8893 ; 138-1831-4657   Web:www.ciff-forum.com     


    Add :No. 3, Guangda Road, Industrial Park, Zhitang Town, Changshu City